Life in Technicolour: Colours. I can see a Rainbow!

Yes the colours are everywhere. Ditch the binoculars. Now I need sunglasses!

When I think of the colours, these examples flash into my mind.

Red, Ruby Red. Like my nail polish and my lipstick. In my old life I didn’t have time for either. I bit my nails until I was 50! Then, I found the Nail shop and – Heh presto – beautiful nails. I look at my hands in wonderment. Are these really mine? I see them on the steering wheel, and on the kettle, and while chopping the onions. Beautiful nails and beautiful hands, and it makes me happy.

Not only do I care about my nails, I bought a few expensive lipsticks. You know, the real lipsticks that actually stick to your lips for a while before brushing off! In the past, I looked pale and wan. I had no time for fripperies. But now things are different. So I don’t wear a lot of it  all the time, but  before I go out, I slap on the lippy. Not too much – I don’t want to look like a vampire. But I call it – taking care of myself.

Yellow is for Daisy. She is the main character in my book Dating Daisy. She gets her name from a picture that hung in my house for years, called a Breeze of Daisies, by Malcolm Thompson. It’s a picture of a tuft of wild daisies growing on a sandbank and waving in the breeze. The daisy petals are bright white and the daisy centres are vibrant yellow, in contrast to the paler gold of the sand. I loved that picture so much,  that the day I knew we were getting divorced, I ran home and took it to a friend’s house for safe keeping. It was the only thing I wanted from the family home. The daisy picture now hangs right by the front door in my new home. The daisies are bright and happy, and fill me with joy every day, when I come in and out of the front door, or go up and down the stairs.

Green is for aquamarine. I’ll tell you why – we have a hot tub! And it’s the biggest, hottest, cleanest most incredible hot tub I’ve ever been in! I’ve been on loads of spa days with my girl friends all over the UK, and never found a hot tub as fantastic as this one in my new garden! We plop right in every night after work, all year round, with a cup of tea or a gin and tonic, and share stories about our day. We put spa salts in it, so there is heavenly clean smell. It bubbles and bubbles around tired stiff joints. Relaxing – it almost knocks you unconscious! The colour is slightly mysterious, almost clouded but not really. It draws you in, and it feels like a part of heaven!

Blue is for the sea. Now I see the sea as it is. The slate grey of the English Channel, is the formal boundary you have to cross to get to Europe! But oh the sea, the sea, on a sunny day. Bright cobalt blue.  Almost blinding on a day that is white hot. The blue sea is enticing. Let yourself be tossed on the ocean. On a yacht, in full sail, cutting through the waves, you are helming with the wind in your hair and the spray in your face. This is good, so good. Time for the Polaroid’s, the colour is blinding in fact – . I’d better go down below …!

Purple. Like ripe plums. When I got divorced I did this. I took ALL my clothes to the charity shop. Then I took a suitcase to John Lewis and bought a whole new wardrobe. I tried some new colours and I bought, amongst other things, a plum coloured Warehouse pair of tight leggings and a sloppy Joe jumper. OK, I’m not writing about a ball dress here. But it may as well have been, as I felt great in it. I’d like to say I really bought the essentials that day: a pair of casual jeans (black), a pair of designer jeans (blue), 3 tops, red, white and blue, 2 new dresses, one plain black the other was green, some T shirts, and some under wear, including one expensive bra! I bought a couple of pairs of shoes, some boots and over the road, I bought a pair of trainers.

I think the suitcase caused some amusement in the shop, but what could I do when I needed a whole wardrobe? Yes it was expensive. But divorce is expensive, (Just add on a few 0’s!) It was about survival and this was a survival tactic. It’s all about looking after yourself, and self esteem. That’s what matters. The plum did it for me!

This is where I can talk about my dance shoes!  As  you will discover, I am addicted to ballroom dancing! So – the dance shoes are THE THING! You can’t dance well without proper dance shoes. They have leather soles that slip and grip on the floor. Plus firm ankle support. If you want to learn to dance you MUST have a proper pair of dance shoes. So – I’ve got 17 pairs! Red, blue, black, silver, gold, pink sparkles, silver sparkles and pink floral. When I open my wardrobe they glitter back at me, like they are smiling! And oh – when you put them on your feet- it feels like Walt Disney! The princess feeling. You just can’t do without it.

I have bright sparkly ball dresses too. Brilliant red and shiny, vermilion pink, dusky pink. Ruffles, splits up the sides and sashes! And lots of glittery jewellery – the more the better. To go dancing you must whirl across the floor in a cloud of colour. It’s what dancing is all about!!

After dancing, we go to our local ice cream parlour for ice cream. And guess what! If you’ve looked in the window of the ice cream parlour you will get this immediately! The tubs are displayed there, so delicious, so enticing , and so MUCH COLOUR! Vivid tangerine, sharp lemon, rosy strawberry, lime green pistachio, buttery almonds and oh so much yummy chocolate! Colour, colour everywhere!

So – is it time for your Ray Bans? When you are Living – really living – take care of your eyes! The colours of a real life are truly blinding! If you can’t see the colours – you must still be in the fog. Don’t waste another moment. It’s really time to leave all that behind and leap into the colours of real life. Keep reading my blog – and you’ll get there!




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