The Limpet and the Barnacle: A Poem

The Limpet and the Barnacle

The limpet and the barnacle sat upon a rock,

Their view – was of the cruel sea.

As the tide ebbed and flowed,

They sat locked in their pose.

A  twenty four hour lethargy!


The sun would come up,

But still they were stuck,

A-grip on the hard and rocky face.

And the sun would go down,

As the barnacle found,

The limpet still fast in his place.


“If only,” she sighed,” he would come over to me,

We could while away much time together.

It’s so much nicer, you see,

Shellfish camaraderie!

It helps you put up with the weather!”


The limpet was shy,” I’m a helluva a guy,”

He said, “but I need my hot tub!

I could get you out of your shell,

If you won’t kiss and tell,

And massage your tail with a rub!”


“I think you’re from Mars,”  the barnacle cried

“Where they think things all out one by one!

On Venus you see, it’s garrulosity!

And charmingly chatty and fun!”


“Beep Beep,” said the limpet,” On Mars that means

I do and I understand.”

“Kiss me quick,” she replied

“I’m dying inside

There’s soup on the menu as planned!”


So the limpet swooped over,

The barnacle in clover,

They were glued together out right.

“You fit like a glove, this has to be love

The Barnacle sang with her might!”


The limpet and the barnacle sat on a rock,

Their view was of the calm sea.

No arms or legs, just a shell

But their kisses were swell,

And they mollusced most romantically!


The barnacle smiled, her Venusian smile,

“You’re right,”  she said,” I do know

When two molluscs get stuck,

A supernova erupts!

A molluscum space galaxy!


A Poem for Edward from Daisy Xmas 2014

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