The Comet of Love: a Poem

The Comet of Love


I fly with  you,

On a comet of love,

Fuelled with butterfly kisses,

And humming bird hugs.


Our comet is roaring,

Its’ tail in a spin,

With laughter – delicious –  and

Hendricks dry gin!


Now Brian Cox spotted this  comet flashing by.

His space map he consulted – what’s this in the sky?

And there on the page he saw from afar,

It’s the Daisy & Edward binary star!


A star of such twinkly, winkingly light.

A star that was just so incredibly bright.

Colours a woven of red and of blue,

And sparks iridescent that say “I love you!”


The comet’s a journey of love and devotion.

Just sit tight aboard, you will drown in the ocean,

Of merciless sparks and passionate flames,

That won’t really burn, they just smoulder the brain.


As Brian watched on, the comet changed hue,

Vermilion to orange to very bright blue.

The comet was now writing words in the sky,

And he strained with his telescope to read what went by.


“Brian, !”  said the comet, “We are with you in space,

And we hate the earthly – same old- rat race.

If we hold on to our comet of celestial bliss,

We’ll stay in the galaxy, and just whizz about – like this!”


It’s a love comet you see, a miracle of space,

An ingenious hallmark of our human race.

People look to the stars, but they fail to see,

How space, time and motion work reverently.


If we open our eyes to the physics of space,

Electrons are buzzing at a colossal old pace.

If we wonder in awe at this love-fizz  in motion,

The result is just- intergalactic devotion.


Comets sweep the black void, they light up the dark.

Made of flammable gases, electrons and quarks.

But the heart of our comet is not just the minute,

It’s the feelings and longings of Daisy’s love soup.


It’s a comet of romance.  No love ticket – No ride.

You must love gazillions or you cannot subscribe.

If you blink in the hot tub, miss the nightly hot flash,

It’s Daisy & Edward – whooshed past in a dash.


Brian sat down – amazed –  to update his space blog.

Was the world ready for this Phileas Fog?

A love comet indeed, no past known recovery.

The Nobel prize beckoned, what a discovery!


But then he looked up at the moon and to space,

The secrets they keep make a magical place.

For Daisy & Edward, their binary star,

Meant  an extra-terrestrial love from afar.


Keeping the secret –  just the three of us know,

Means their intergalactic love will now grow.

The love comet must mean that  he loves her so much,

She visibly trembles to his tender touch.


Brian shuts down his lap top, the secret stays safe.

The love comet’s a pure figment of date ,time and place.

But look up from the hot tub to the heavenward gloom,

And Daisy & Edward may whoosh past him soon.


It’s a love pointed arrow, this wondrous love comet,

The couple’s bright future  seems  to depend on it!

A comet of richness, love, hopes and blisses,

Of humming bird hugs and butterfly kisses.


The love comet’ s an imaginary vehicle in space.

Leading a journey, where  two lovers embrace.

A voyage of pleasure, two magnets, together,

Riding space storms , whatever the weather.


If you need some advice, look at the night sky,

And you may just see Edward and Daisy whizz by.

Just shut your eyes and your wish may  come true.

But the real Comet of Love,  Edward , is only for you!


Daisy Mae

For Edward, My Valentine, Vienna 14/02/2016

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